Pink Blotch of Love

I feel winter shines a lot,
I still fumble with words
And at times with words I slaughter
I drink whiskey like its water.
I didn’t know feather
Until your fingers touched my bare soul
I didn’t know hope
Till your whispers filled my heart’s blackhole.
I am a never, a poor with wander lust.
I am a lost, a shineless star of dust.
You’re a sparkling ripple of clear.
You’re essence of the phoenix tear.
I am the sleepless love of the bed
The woe of early, sunshine mornings
You’re the magic that blows my head.
You’re the Goldkenn that kinds crave
I am still looking to be saved.
But the pink blotch of love is still on me.
It’s ugly, used, dip in a sad plea,
But If you want you can have it for free.


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