Up in the air Shenanigans

Has it ever happened to you?

You’re sitting in a flight. He’s wearing a crisp white shirt, with sleeves rolled just where you want them to be. He caresses his dark hair with his fingers – long, slender fingers. He’s reading through the sports section (hmmm, maybe he’s a sport fan). He skips the IPL part (oh I already like this guy). He says no to the dreary sandwich (good I could have had that extra candy). His shoulders are so shepherd-ly, you start wondering what it would be like to plop your head on them, firm but comfortable…reliable. Bloody oestrogen!

You destroyed me, Google. 

There’s also a big guy with his Chinese girlfriend(they were talking about China and her hometown). He ate her sandwich too. The gujju aunty who just cannot stop talking.  Pleasant surprise is the absence of gujju food though (night flight got me lucky).

The white shirt guy is now resting his head on the seat. Hot guy. Hot flight guy whose shoulder I could really use right now. What else could I use right now? Coffee.

I always text my loved ones a happy see you on the other side message every time I am flying. Who knows, right? Although, flying is a really exciting thing for me. I just keep admiring how much we have achieved as humans.

Turbulence. More Turbulence. Nature seems to be yelling at us. But I think we shall make it this time. If we don’t, well what the heck right? I’ve had a good life.

And if we do, I promise to publish this. And talk to the white shirt. Damn the shoulders.  And smile. He’s got a cute smile.

See you on the other side.

Edit: Did not die. Did not talk to him. Sanity got the best of me. 


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